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NorthEast Remsco Construction

NorthEast Remsco Construction Introduction Video

rivet Reconstruction of 32nd Street in Astoria, Queens, NY
rivet Construction of CSO Screening Facilities in Paterson, NJ
rivet New Jones Falls Force Main and Pressure Sewer in
Baltimore, MD
rivet Middlesex Water Company – 24” Fusible Water Main in Middlesex County, New Jersey


MTBM Tunneling
rivet Installed 42” transmission main using microtunneling in East Syracuse, NY
rivet Installed gravity relief sewer using microtunnelinig in Rahway, NJ
rivet Installed 60” RCP storm drain beneath the Capital Beltway via microtunneling in Alexandria, VA
rivet Microtunneled beneath I-84 and Amtrak railroad tracks in Hartford, CT
rivet Installed 72” concrete pipe across the Hackensack River, Little Ferry, NJ

Other Tunneling
rivet Installation a Liner Plate Tunnel in the City of Baltimore, MD
rivet Saw Mill Valley Trunk Sewer Repair in Elmsford, NY
rivet Installed RCP and steel tunnels in Baltimore, MD

Department of Transportation and Transit
rivet Rehabilitation of the Madison Station Train Station in Madison, NJ
rivet Restoration of Upper and Lower Aetna Dams in Medford Lakes, NJ
rivet Construction of single span steel beam concrete deck bridge in
Dover Township, NJ

Treatment Works
rivet New Jersey American Water Co. treatment plant expansion in
Somerset, NJ
rivet Construction of a new solids/floatables facility in
West New York, NJ
rivet Construction of a new building to house a new cogeneration facility in Elizabeth, NJ
rivet Water treatment plant improvements in New Brunswick, NJ

Caldwell Marine International

Submarine Utility Operations
rivet Installed high voltage submarine power cable in Vancouver, British Columbia
rivet Project 2
rivet Project 3

Marine Civil Construction
rivet Installed transmission towers supporting new 230kV transmission lines spanning the Mullica River in NJ
rivet Installation concrete pipe across the Hackensack River, Little Ferry, NJ
rivet Project 3